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Here's How It Works

1. Attract & Educate

1. Attract & Educate

We attract people who are actively seeking a family law, immigration, bankruptcy or estate planning attorney like you in their local areas, and educate them about the value and benefits of unbundled legal services.

2. Connect

2. Connect

Next, we connect them with you via email, realtime SMS Text Alert, and directly into your Unbundled Attorney account. We do not connect them with any other attorney - just you.

3. Grow

3. Grow

We don’t just send you high-quality and exclusive leads, we also provide expert training and resources on converting your leads into paying clients and delivering services effectively through a dedicated account manager.

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In this short 5 minute video, we present one of the biggest opportunities in the modern era for attorneys like you to make more money and future-proof your practice. We cite real-world numbers and reveal a little-known but highly effective model for raising your effective hourly rate to over $500.

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We Deliver Leads Directly Into The Legal Platforms You Use

From premium lead generation, to client conversion, to efficient practice management - we integrate and partner with platforms that make your job as an attorney easier and more streamlined. *

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* We’re constantly adding integration partners to make your life as an attorney easier

Trusted by Hundreds of Attorneys Across the Country

Working with Unbundled Attorney throughout the years has been fantastic. I wouldn’t have used the service for the last 5-6 years if I didn’t think the leads were consistently very good. There are other lead generation companies that I’ve tried in the past, and they just aren’t nearly up to the same level of quality and expertise that Unbundled Attorney has been for me. My take home salary now, as a solo attorney is double what I was making at a large law firm.

- Clay Wilkinson, Dallas, TX (Family)

Unbundled [Attorney] has provided a source of steady income for us. Its taken me from working out of a home office to working in a 2300 square foot office with a staff of 4 and hopefully 5 soon… and the support I’ve received from [Unbundled Attorney] is phenomenal.

- Annabelle Robertson, Columbia, SC (Family, Estate)

We’ve had a good working relationship with [Unbundled Attorney] for a couple years now. We get about 50 leads a week, and we’re closing anywhere between 15-20 of those. That’s about a 1/3 [conversion rate]. The average client value is about $2,500.

- C.W. Martin, Ft. Worth, TX (Family)

Listen to the Unbundled Attorney Mastermind Podcast

We interview Unbundled Attorneys and leading experts in the legal industry so you can learn the best practices for converting leads into paying clients, and how to ethically and profitably deliver unbundled legal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oh believe us, we've heard this many times and unfortunately this happens far too often. What makes us different? For starters, we have very effective systems in place that ensure a lead we send you is *actively searching* for an attorney who practices your exact area of law, in the regions you practice in. We also educate them on what they can expect to pay and how our service works, so your job in converting them is easier. Other services have a "bait and switch" model so they can get as many leads as possible, which reduces the quality of lead. Many other services also sell that lead to multiple attorneys, further reducing the quality of their service. If you receive a lead from us, you can rest assured you're the only attorney who received that lead. Our leads are 100% exclusive. Yes, absolutely. The last thing we want is for you to be overwhelmed with client leads and not have the time to properly follow up with each and every one. Not only do we want you to convert your leads, but it's important to us that the people we send to you actually receive the legal help they need. We'll work with you to ensure that you receive the volume of leads that's right for your practice. We have a very robust and fair credit request system in place. For example: If ever a lead you receive is looking for legal help in an area of law you do not cover, you will not have to pay for it. The same applies if a lead has invalid contact details such as a bad phone number. One of the things we pride ourselves on is an absolute dedication to our attorneys success. If, however, you need to cancel, we make it super easy to do so. All it takes is a simple phone call into our customer support line and one of our account representatives will cancel your account.

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